Thursday, March 12, 2009

HHO Generator ebook plans SUPPORT


If you’ve purchased an HHO eBook through this site or another site, chances are that you will need a little support in order to optimize your hydrogen on demand system for your particular vehicle. While some people like to go it totally alone, others find comfort and inspiration in community.

That’s why I thought I would present here the top 5 support forums for those either wanting to build or having built HHO generators.

1. OUPower is one of the most technical groups regarding HHO generators. Many have started with an HHO eBook and proceeded to built a better Hydrogen on Demand system and talk about it here.
2. Fuel Saver offers a section of its forum for Brown’s Gas Systems where users share their triumphs and failures regarding building and optimizing their HHO gas generators. Fuel Savers is no doubt the leader in the Hydrogen on demand industry for EFIE devices and has done a lot to help those that are experimenting with hho gas and fuel saving devices.

3. Yahoo Water Car Group is one of the oldest if not the oldest group, which started as a place to talk about Daniel Dingel’s work. This group, however has evolved into a DIY hydrogen on demand group where people share what has worked for them in regard to HHO technology and what has not.
4. HHO Info is a relatively new group but is already very active and is dedicated to those who build HHO generators. This site has the look and feel of one of the Web’s main HHO destinations in the very near future.
5. Water Fueling is a relatively new message board that looks to be less technically oriented than the other forums. One section that some will find particularly useful, however is the Find a Local Installer category for those who want to pay a qualified mechanic to do the dirty work of installing a Hydrogen on demand system.

When one is reading an HHO eBook and then decides to build their first prototype, its good to know that support is just a mouse click away. These are the most helpful HHO communities that I have been able to find online and they have help many garage inventors get over the hump and improve their hydrogen on demand systems immensely.

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