Saturday, September 7, 2013

HHO Generator Help Joins G+

Hi everyone that has visited our blog for years now. Just a quick post to let you know you can find our page on G+ now. Not sure how all this "social networking" stuff works yet but if it will help get the word out that hho injection, aka: Hydrogen on Demand does indeed work to drastically reduce pollutants from fossil fuel burning motors and at the same time save money I'll give it a try.Find us on Google+ As always you can visit our site at for free help on your hho generator projects.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

HHO Kits Why Get Unassembled HHO cell Kits

We understand that in the very near future will be giving an exclusive deal to a site called 2hho to offer un - assembled hho kits.
This is not just any bunk hho generator it is all the parts to put together an hho dry cell exactly like the hho dry cell design you can get at at an awesome discount.
Check out the pic.
Finding the right hho kit
Best HHO Kit Available Anywhere
Will keep you updated !!!
Don't Forget you saw This HHO Kit here First

Diy HHO Kits Now available at

If anyone has been looking for dry cell kits at a very modest price, Now is the time to check out 2hho, 11 plate, 13 plate, 21 plate and 25 plate hho dry cell kits at lower than what it cost to buy all the needed parts. Go to DIY HHO KIT

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

HHO Kit and HHO Generator Sale

HHO Generator kit Sale
Ok People the guys at are being forced have a sale on some hho generator kits at a pretty steep discount; they are even giving a pwm away with some of their awesome hho dry cell kits. Here's the deal - Some less than honest hho dealer agreed to buy well over 100 hho cells at a very good price. Guess what they never paid after the down !! Being the honest folk they are at the material for atleast 100 hho dry cells was already purchased. To keep this short; You can find the best Sale on hho generator kits ever at hho2u as they need to liquidate hho dry cells and hho generator Kits right now. Check it out Biggest HHO Generator Sale Ever.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

HHO Kit - What is An hho Kit

First off hho gas is a very explosive gas created simply by inducing electrical current to water.
If you already understand the basics of electrolysis of water - move on, if you wold like to read more about how to create hho gas go here > hho kit
Hydrogen on demand or hho kits all work the same - by creating hho gas with an hho generator and inducing the gas into the motor. The idea is to add the hho to whatever other fuel you are using as a SUPPLEMENT, not a replacement fuel. If done correctly it works.
The best hho kits to be found on the market as of 3 /2012 are produced by
Their HHO Kit is complete and ready to install

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

HHO Netherland And World Wide HHO Dry cell

As if HHO2u hadn't done enough to spread this awesome Fuel saving technology around the world with their very efficient 4x4 hho dry cell at awesome prices.
Now they have improved upon their hho dry cell design, which by the way was already the most efficient hho dry cell design on the market.
Countries around the world have reaped the benefit of hho2u's hydrogen generators and are now taking advantage of the most affordable hho dry cell out there - hho dry cells .
These guys are in it for the long haul - to help as many people as they can.
Check out the pic. of this awesome hho dry cell.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

HHO Generators Australia - Using HHO Dry Cells

HHO Generators Australia:

With HHO generators from Australians have seen awesome reductions in emissions.
It seems that Aussies are more concerned about their environment than the average person in the US. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but since Australian hho generator installers tested vehicles and found huge reduction in pollutants were possible by adding hho gas to the fuel mix the word spread fast.
Australia hho installers seem more focused on this benefit than the extra fuel mileage they are getting from the awesome hho dry cell kits produced by

More about hho Australia Testimonials

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hydrogen on Demand in Europe

HHO Generators (hho dry cell kits) Taking Off In Europe

I can't understand why it took so long for European hho installers to catch up to the USA but none the less Europe hho generators are becoming quite popular. There gas (petrol) is 3 times what we pay in the states, therefore their savings are greater.
Let me explain - All Hydrogen on demand systems work on a percentage basis, so if you save 30% of your fuel by adding hho gas to your car - the more you pay for fuel the more you save.

Trying not to get side tracked - is leading the way for hho in Europe.
Many of their famous hho dry cell kits are being installed all over the world with good results coming from test in Netherlands, Greece, France and worldwide.

Check out some of these European hho Testimonials.
If you are thinking of installing an hho generator on your car or want to be part of a worldwide hhodry cell distributorship will help you any way they can. Wholesale hho generators