Saturday, October 9, 2010

Netherlands HHO Reports - HHO Install

Hi all you hho generator experimenters

Thought I would share some cool results we got from our hho generator installers in the Netherlands.
Installation on a 1.6 liter Volvo produced these results :
On emission test after the hho generator was installed
Carbon Monoxide down 95%
Unburned fuel down 15%
And gas mileage up by 35%
My notes are a bit scribbled and the Netherlands hho installer I was speaking to over the phone was a bit excited so when he sends me a screen shot of the test I will update.
These guys in the Netherlands are taking their hho installs seriously, testing LPG with good results, Petrol and Diesel fuels with similar good results.
We are proud to be the supplier of the European HHO Dry Cell.

Friday, October 8, 2010

HHO in Europe - hho dry cells Saving Gas in Europe

Hi all hho Generator Installers
European countries are finally catching on to the awesome results that can be obtained by adding hho gas to their fuel. HHO2u has been getting feedback from all over Europe.
People in Greece, Netherlands and even Australia are getting results, both in fuel savings and huge reductions in harmful emissions.
With gas prices 3 times what they are in the US, these European hho experimenters are extremely Happy.

Check out these hho Europe Results