Wednesday, August 27, 2008


What you fail to understand is that in the late 70's-early 80's when carbs were in use there was not a map sensor, intake air temp sensor, O2 sensors or a ECU to change the AF ratios. The carb had adjustments for a single AF ratio. So why is it that they put all of those sensors on our vehicles????. That's keep you from getting better Fuel Economy. Didn't they tell us that all those sensors were to help us improve FE. All that crap keeps us from improving FE and increases our maintenance bill to get all of it worked on....force us to take it to them. It is all about money flow to them and us not getting great FE.
Here is a simple analogy.. In 1924 the Model T ford was being mass produced and the vehicle got 24 MPG. The average vehicle on the road in 2007 gets 25 MPG...
On the other hand do you remember the telephone in the 1930's???? Black rotary dial piece of junk, right? In 2008 the cell phones are some of the most sophisticated devices known to man. 84 years they can't do anything on a mass scale for FE. Give me a break!!!!! FE is clearly suppressed. In 1954 a guy named Henry Pogue had a modified carb that got 94 MPG and 100 MPG. There are over 200 patents for vehicles that get over 100 MPG. Where are these patents??? I am glad you asked The patents are owned by Ford, Chrysler, GM, Exxon/Mobil, Texaco and BP. They purchase the patents from the original inventor and "shelf the patent" It is being done on purpose. If you can't see that for yourself then ask yourself how great of a company you would be if you never improved your product for economy??? The average company would be shut down. In this case we have big oil, g0vt and the auto manufacturers all working together on this one. It is all about control. Plastics and rubber products are derived threw oil. Pharmaceuticals are an oil derivative. Now if you can control the oil then you can control the entire world. They have controlled the media(TV, Newspapers, magazines since the early 1930's) And you thought that just because the g0vt is the authority that they are telling the truth. That is it for my rant today. It is all being done by design.
This is all so true:;; I thought I would Post This for you guys because this is the "rant" I got when I asked a simple question : DO EXTENDERS ON O2 sensors save gas ??
Answer is ---- By moving the sensor further away from the exhaust it runs cooler - therefor leaning the mixture. Simple huh

Thank You - God Bless ....... LD

Saturday, August 16, 2008

HHO GAS and the money conspiracy

Anyone that has been studying HHO gas and Hydrogen on demand systems knows that this is not new technology. But do you stop and think about WHY? this simple but very effective method of conserving fuel has been so long coming.

Ozzie Freedom of water4gas has started a quite revolution and a lot of people are saving huge amounts of money they would have spent on gasoline by installing simple Hydrogen on demand systems built by the "average Joe" in there own garage.

"BIG OIL" money can't stop this HHO train now so you can certainly expect to see oil companies and government figuring a way to get a piece of the pie before it goes too far.

We would love to hear your comments as to how you think they will try to capitalize on this Run a way "FREE" energy. We do have our own theories but will save them for later.
Check out this clip

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hydrogen on Demand - simple to install ??

We have been using "water as gas" for quite a while now so we thought we would give you a quick overview on how to build a hydrogen generator to turn your car into a water burning hybrid. It can be done for less than $100 if you assemble and install your hydrogen on demand system your self

First and foremost you need a good quality guide to ensure you build the hydrogen generator safely. The technology to use water as gas is quite simple but you must use common sense and do it correctly. WATER4GAS is the original company that got these HHO systems off the ground with their awesome guide and intense customer service.

You will find many guides now a lot cheaper than theirs, but they are all or most, copies or "re-writes" of their material.
As a mater of fact we will be coming out with a guide soon at a very resonable price, the difference with our guide is - we will be donating some of the profit back to Ozzie and his staff as a Thank You for pioneering this technology. OUR SIGHT

A water burning hybrid does not produce pure hydrogen gas it produces HHO gas (hydroxy) through electrolysis. By applying a small amount of current from your car's battery through a set of electrodes submersed in a container of water you will be producing hho or Brown's Gas. It really is that simple. The goal here is to create a gas that requires very little energy to produce yet burns efficiently and cleanly and increase fuel mileage when added to the gas or diesel you already use.

The gas you create (2x hydrogen & 1x oxygen) is then injected into the engines intake as a supplement to the gas you already use and the resulting mixture burns much more readily than regular gas or diesel alone. This increase gas mileage by as much as 50% or more.

We would like to here from anyone who is running a successful Hydrogen on demand system. Or if you need help in any way with HHO system installs feel free to email us --

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

HHO EBOOKS - HOW TO = who's money is it

Can Water Really Be Used To Run A Car?

This technology was originally discovered by Nicola Tesla who found out that hydrogen can be extracted from water to produce energy. However this discovery was never publicized due to political pressure. Some countries today rely on oil sales as their only national income source thus many countries will be heavily affected if everyone started running their cars on water.

The "Hydrogen on Demand" System
Many people are adding hydrogen on demand systems to their cars to run water for fuel instead of buying new hybrid cars. These HHO systems costs can be as low as $100 - whereas a hybrid car may costs up to $30000 and this explains why many people are using it.
On top of that "Hydrogen on Demand" Systems have proofed to be better for the environment as the use of a supplemental HHO rather than running your car fully on gasoline will cause it to burn the gasoline more complete which reduces your emissions and causes less global warming.
This technology is sound water4gas

the only problem is there is hundreds of "copy cats" right now trying to make quick money that don't know squat about this stuff. all they are doing is literally stealing from the people who did the work like - water4gas
and selling there material cheaper. I can understand every one wanting to save a buck. but please put the money in the hands of those who deserve it.

Monday, August 11, 2008

HHO and Hdrogen on demand sCAMMERS ARE OUT THERE

I had to stop right in the middle of building on my HHo website to let you guys in on some thing : HHO - BROWNS GAS - HYDROXY - HYDROGEN ON DEMAND SYSTEMS do work to cut fuel consumption and burning HHO as a supplement to gas or diesel in the vehicle you now own does help to clean up our air because Hydrogen or in this case (hydroxy) gas burns much hotter.
I am not writing this blog to try to convince you of these facts. I just want to let you know there is popping up all over the Internet sites and ads that are " too good to be true" ( marked down from $299 to $47 ) that's silly.
I know what it cost in material alone to make a GOOD SYSTEM and some of these guys are trying to make a fast buck off you and they will take your money and run.
We have been studying the effects of HHO for a while and do have our own working prototypes on the streets "collecting data".
Our Website will be up and running soon, HHO2Umeanwhile we will try to help you make informed decisions on where to get your WATERFUEL STUFF.
THESE GUYS ARE THE "originals" and will take care of you right.water4gas

Saturday, August 9, 2008


HHO Generators

HHO generators use the electrolysis of water to crack the liquid into its gaseous state. HHO generators start with H2O (water) and create a gas called Oxyhydrogen, which is two atoms of hydrogen to one atom of oxygen.

Although HHO generators that are used for cars and other vehicles are the ones that we direct our focus on. HHO generators have been used in hospitals and have been used for torches for some time now. This alone should be enough to convince the average joe that this technology is sound.

But, the HHO generators of interest to car owners are the ones that fit under the hood and create supplemental hydrogen and oxygen (HHO)that is injected into the vehicle's intake or carburetor.

HHO generators and the rest of a good Hydrogen on demand system help a vehicle burn gas more complete so there for creating less harmful deposits than when running gasoline or diesel fuel alone. By supplementing the fossil fuels in the engine with HHO the car will run smoother, have reduce emissions and increased mileage per gallon of fuel.
I speak from personal experience, as we have been running our system for awhile and have proven results I will post these as soon as we have 100% accurate states.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Today I find the need to get a little off subject, hopefully to awaken some of you to the truth of the conspiracy to suppress the simple technology that can save you thousands of dollars like it does others.
I am not just another Internet "guru" sitting around waiting for the next "hot" item to come up so I can make a buck off it by putting together '"reviews". I have been researching and experimenting with HHo and Hydrogen on demand systems for quite some time so what I bring to you is based on proven results. We do in fact have two cars that have improved gas mileage by more than 35% by installing a system built with plans from water4gas

You can see one of the only honest reviews on the Internet HERE.

Giant Oil Companies Suppress Our Technology

Though waterfuel technology has been suppressed and ignored, for obvious reasons, for well over a hundred years, there is every reason to believe that, if the current pace of development continues, it will surpass the developmental speed of the computer.

The power of the Internet has brought waterfuel technology out of obscurity.
The oil giants stand to loose BILLIONS if you could run your car on water.

Please trust me HHO gas as a supplement is available NOW
For now watch this video and open your eyes.

Email us at

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Recently I got An email from a guy who definitely believes HHO is a scam so I thought you might want to hear is rantings :

They're all scams. Any idea that involves putting in energy to take that same energy back out is going to be a losing proposition. If you do it perfectly, you get out all the energy put in. How is that supposed to help you?
It shouldn't take a genius to see that however much energy you put in is going to be, at best, how much energy you get out. Otherwise, you're just magically getting energy from nowhere.
We like to present to you both sides of the story although we strongly lean toward the fact that as an added system Hydrogen on demand (HHO) will improve your mileage by boosting the burn rate of the gasoline because it burns hotter. after combustion the byproduct (water) helps cool the cylinders and exits the exhaust.
It does take more energy to separate the molecular structure of H2O than is given back when the separated Hydrogen combusts. HOWEVER, as a hybrid in your automobile - your gasoline also contributes to the combustion and provides the "extra energy" needed for the electrolysis. Either way, many of us are doubling -even tripling our gas mileage. So it does work.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The New Guy's Hydrogen on demand system

Gas4Free is the latest rave in HHO gas system guides, and for good reason. Scientist Vic Lawson has developed an improved version of the HHO hydrogen generator which produces more output and greater efficiency. His system and unique design allows for you to customize the dimensions of the generator to fit the available space on your vehicle.
He also includes a Hypermiling Guide, Hypermiling is a term used to describe a set of techniques used to maximize fuel economy. This guide alone can save you up to 20% on your gas costs. Besides this guide they are offering other free bonuses which really make this a great value. They have reports of conversions claiming up to 40% more fuel efficiency. We highly recommend Gas4Free