Friday, September 19, 2008


Build your own Hydrogen Generator and cut your gas bills in half!!

You can generate FREE energy by building and installing a hydrogen generator that will
greatly increase the efficiency of your poorly designed engine!!! Your engine uses only about
20% of the energy in a gallon of gas - and wastes 80% for heat and unburned fuel.

Greedy oil companies, auto-makers and government designed it this way to shorten the life of your
car's engine and to make you use more on gas.

What did crooked government do about this waste? They mandated the use of expensive
catalytic converters to cook unburnt fuel coming out of your engine. That's criminal !!

Auto-makers absolutely can increase the efficiency of their engines. But it's all about profits.
Who cares about you or the environment?

So how can the little guy fight our government, the oil companies and the auto-makers?
Build your own Hydrogen Generator and cut your gas bills in half!!

Every hydrogen generator and guide on the market today is designed around the principle of
separating hydrogen and oxygen from water to create a burnable fuel called "Brown's Gas" by the
means of electrolysis. The technology is nearly eighty years old and the knowledge is public domain,
meaning it is free for every one to use and each design is based around the original idea.

After generating the HHO ( Brown's gas), it is then injected into the engine to mix with standard gasoline.
This Hybrid system is known as "Hydrogen on demand" but HHO is really hydrogen and oxygen which
burns even better than pure hydrogen and will drastically increase fuel mileage while allowing your engine
to run cooler and the fuel to be more efficiently burned, increasing engine life and decreasing emission.

There are some very good guides available on the Internet but they have high price tags.
In the long run they are well worth it but some people can not afford them.

We actually bought this guide water4gas for $97.00 and were pleased with the wealth of knowledge.

Understanding that some people are limited on funds, mostly because of the choke hold gasoline and diesel prices have on them we developed our own book and hydrogen generator design. You can find all the parts locally and for under forty dollars, or buy kits Here and Here Our book is based on their system but our HHO generator is designed to double their specs. And has lots of improvements.

HHO2u Build Your Own Hydrogen Generator
If you want to build the same Hydrogen on demand system we sell a lot of.
forget about the glass jar, that was 2008 --
 Now 2012 almost 13 Get a hho dry cell or diy hho dry cell at -- DIY HHO KIT

HHO aka BROWNS GAS it's so simple

I am getting so tired of people who have not done their home work on the subject of "burning water as fuel". Most people freak out and close their minds when you tell them you are getting a gas called HHO or browns gas out of a mason jar and burning it on demand in your car.
It is really just grade school science h2o = 2 hydrogen and one oxygen pull them apart with electric current and what do you have ? Well for what were using it for you have a giant money saving monster - Hydrogen on Demand to save thousands of dollars by burning this gas called hho as we make it with simple little mason jars. More information on this HHO gas and how to mak it Here

Sunday, September 14, 2008

HHO generator for your car - IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE


Here's the simple math for "the experts" when they say we're attempting to violate the "Laws" of conservation of energy. Please feel free to use it to stuff it to them too.

1) The best I.C.E. is 18% efficient, 20% on a good day.
2) The process of brute force electrolysis today has been pushed to about 85% Faraday.

Note: Based on the caloric energy available from burning Hydrogen, by using Faraday's "Law" to translate from electrical energy it is estimated that 100% efficient hydrogen electrolysis is achieved by creating somewhere between 5.5-7.5 milliliters of gas per minute per watt of energy consumed. Members of our research group have run the numbers several ways which all seem to point to around 7.0 m/m/w or mmw for short. Many of our cells have operated as high as 6mmw or roughly 85% efficient

3) The product of electrolysis is HHO which has it's own energy value, up to 85% of what we put in.

If all we considered was the return of energy value when we inject the HHO as a supplement to gasoline, then yes; Conservation of energy applies.


HHO as an additive does more than return 80% of the energy we put in to create it. It's properties enhance the slow burning gasoline, speeding up the rate of combustion, causing much more of the total combustion process to be translated into mechanical energy rather than being lost as waste heat out the tail pipe, raising the efficiency of the total system. Returning to the simple math...

4) Let's say we're able to translate just 10% more of the total system energy to mechanical energy. We have still not violated conservation of energy, only raised the total system efficiency to 28%. But that's an increase of 55%!!! Now deduct the energy loss of 15% to create the HHO that made this possible and you still end up with a total net gain of 40%!