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HHO Generators - Can we Make HHO Gas Efficiently ?

Hydrogen + Oxygen = Water

Hydrogen + Hydrogen + Oxygen = HHO

I originally wrote and published this HHO GAS article on Hub pages, 6 views in just minutes and then some cry baby that felt threatened flagged me for having links back to my website. Excuse me for wanting people to see what I have to offer on my site and not letting HUB monetize my articles all for them selves.

OK here it is. This is a rather long and detailed article aimed at the self proclaimed scientific group that is trying to talk people out of using HHO generators or Hydrogen on Demand system.
I try to keep my HHO articles short and to the point so you can read the rest of this article on "Water in a sub-diatomical" state in the "technical stuff" section of our Hydrogen on demand website - or wait for my next post.
Water is made from hydrogen and oxygen That's something that most people on the planet already know, but this simple statement doesn't give us a very clear picture of what really goes into the creation of a molecule of water. The chemical equation for the formation of water tells us more. 2H2 + O2 = 2H2O

Water if formed when two molecules of the diatomic hydrogen gas, combined with one molecule of the diatomic oxygen gas this produce two molecules of water. This process is known as Synthesis.

The ratio of hydrogen to oxygen is 2:1, the ratio of hydrogen to water is 1:1, and the ratio of oxygen to water is 1:2. This is why the promoters of HHO products will use the term HHO is water broke down into its sub-diatomical molecular state. When electrical current is applied to water (2H2 + O2 = 2H2O) the two diatomic gases are broke apart, (Decomposed) and you now have ... 2H & 0 .. separate diatomical gases.

(read more of this HHO Science)

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Proper Koh for HHO Dry Cell - Max HHO Gas

We have always told people when starting up their HHO Dry Cells or other HHO generators to start with apx. 2-3 tbsp. of KOH
per 2 Quart container and add as needed to bring up amps.
This is a weak solution for start up only.

At we get asked a lot How do I "get the right mix" ??

So Here It Is:

10% to 20% KOH concentration (by weight) is so far reported and understood to be the optimum.
We run about a 20% solution in our 11 plate HHO dry cells at 15 amps warm and get 1- 1.5 LPM of HHO gas.

Water having a density of 1 gm/ml (gm and ml are equal)

KOH weighs 11 grams per heaping teaspoon. = ( 33 gms per Tbsp)

1 quart (qt) water = 946.35 grams

To make 1 Kg of a 20% KOH solution by weight, add 200 grams of KOH to 800 gm of water. To make 1 Kg of a 10% KOH solution by weight, add 100 grams of KOH to 900 gm of water.

The total weight is always 1,000 grams containing whatever percentage of KOH that is wanted.

So without turning this into a science. -- 10% mix is APX. 3 tbsp. of KOH to 1 Quart of water.

I hope this helps answer the question of how much KOH to mix for your HHO Dry Cell.
Remember each HHO generator, wither a drycell design or wet cell operates differently, so start with a weak solution and build up.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Will The HHO Dry Cell Save Me Fuel ?

Will the HHO Dry Cell Save Fuel ?
A common question when people are researching Hydrogen on Demand and HHO Generators.
The answer to this is -- Absolutely, as long as you install Your HHO generator (hho drycell) correctly and deal with the electronic devices properly, any vehicle can show 15-30% gains in fuel economy.
We will post in our next article, what electronics can and need to be adjusted. It is not hard at all.
If you get in a rush and want to know now go to Most informed Hydrogen on Demand site.
Find the Best HHO DryCells available here.

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HHO Dry Cell - HHO Dry Cell Kits - About HHO Websites ?

Do these guys really know anything about HHO, HHO Dry Cells and Hydrogen on Demand systems, or are they just faking it ?

It is really a shame when greed and envy drive a person to lye and steal. You can find this all over the Internet.
You don't have to be the best at something or even know anything about a subject as long as you can weasel your way to the top of the search pages you can fake it.

This goes for anything including Hydrogen on Demand and related HHO parts, such as the very popular HHO Dry cell.

It seems there are other hho dry cell sites out there that would like you to believe that they are the most honest and forthright hydrogen on demand experts on the Internet.
Well up until I saw this FAKE post using my hho website name, I would have let this guy stew in his own lies.

But now I find the need to let you people that are searching for HHO Dry Cells and HHO information, know a little about this Fake "hho dry cell Guy".

Here is Post That this "hho dry cell salesman" put on his site that is obviously written by him and is not a real comment from anyone. I know this because I would have been the one talking to this person and the conversation did not take place.

"Thought you would like to know that I spoke with another hho site owner at
and he is really running you down man. It was very clear to me that he was trying to cover
his butt for telling buyers he was the producer of the cell he sells on his site.
I thought you would like an article I found where this guy is now ...
The link is

It really is a shame that this hho dry cell salesman finds the need to try to build credibility as an hho expert by writing comments to his self. But when he uses my name in the process the gloves come off.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

HHO Dry Cell Kits for Hydrogen on Demand

Hydrogen Burns Clean

Clean Up the Air With Hydrogen on Demand

The auto makers have done every thing they can for years to cover up the fact that TODAY, Right Now, we could be burning the fuel that is created by simple electrolysis of water (h2o). Applying small amounts of electrical current to water splits the molecules of the water into what some call their sub diatomical molecular state. In other words back to a gaseous state. This gas is called HHO gas (2 parts Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen) and is highly explosive.

By adding HHO gas to your fuel with a Hydrogen on Demand system built with a COMPLETE HHO DRYCELL SYSTEMSyou can drastically reduce the amount of fuel you use. And as the government and auto makers have known since the 1970s you can greatly decrease the harmful pollutants emitted by your vehicle.READ MORE about hydrogen on demand HERE
I hope this hho information helps. Thank You For Coming By.
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Hydrogen on Demand and Hho Dry Cell Shopping

Hi all in the Hydrogen on demand experimentation phase. This is going to be a short and sweet post. My computer is running very slow while virus scan is going.
Basically I want to let you know if you are just learning this hho stuff, we will help you learn the Truth about Hydrogen generators and Hydrogen on Demand systems.
There are a lot of sites peddling hho dry cells and hho dry cell kits, go with someone who post a phone number so you can check them out before you hand over your money.
The fastest easiest hho generator to start with is no doubt theHHO DRY CELL.
HHO dry cells are cheap and put out good amounts of hho gas for the price.
See Ya next time.
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Oops HHO Dry Cell Kit & Antelope Valley Auto

Sorry HHO experimenters and Hydrogen on demand nuts. Last post the link to the Dual hho dry cell kit was supposed to point to this page - which is the hho product page on hho2u's site

Did anyone get a chance to look at Antelope valley's future best Automotive site ? Let know what you think about antelope valley

Thanks - Larry

New Dual Cell HHO Dry Cell Kit & Antelope Valley Auto

Hey all you Hydrogen on Demand nuts, how ya'll doin.
Thought i would write a Quickie to let ya know we put together an awesome Dual 11 - plate dry cell kit for ya. This hho dry cell kit puts out the hho gas big time.
Take a look at this cool Dual hho dry cell kit at

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Hho Dry Cell - How Big ?

How Big Does a HHO Dry Cell Need To Be

I and many other hho dry cell builders have spent hours and hours of research on plate size, hole sizes and configurations
electrolyte mixes and number of amps needed to be most efficient with our Hydrogen generators.
We have narrowed it down to the 3.5 x 3.5 plates that we use to build our hho drycells.
At peak efficiency you can expect 1LPM from around 7.5 amps at 13.2 volts.

There are many people out there that would like you to believe that you need a lot of hho gas added to your engine to see good gains, this is not the case.
With 1- 11 plate cell added to a six cylinder motor run on gas you should get an increase of 30-40% MPG on the HWY and 10-15% in the CITY
when everything is in line and running correctly.
Our hho dry cell kit puts out about 1.5 LPM at around 12-16 amps . That is all the hho gas you need to see to see good mpg gains, any more is just wasted.

Complete hho dry cell kits at

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Will Cash For Clunkers Stop HHO Kits or Hydrogen on Demand

HHO Dry Cell Kit or Trade In ?

It seams the "cash for clunkers" program is off to a good start already.
But is it really helpful to those who are already suffering with lower income streams in this jacked up economy ?
Most people who are fortunate enough to have a job are having to drive farther to get to work which means more fuel to buy, so trading in your "clunker" for a vehicle that gets better mileage seems to be a great idea on the surface.
Personally I think it is just another scam to sell newer cars which will rope you into unneeded payments.
A good Hydrogen on demand system installed on a vehicle that is getting 18 miles to the gallon of gas can boost your MPG past 25 for about $250.
If you need honest help and truthful information about hydrogen on demand go to hho2u
For complete hho dry cell kits that have proven to save lots of people money on fuel go to Complete HHo Dry Cell Kits at

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HHO Kits Do Work

Hydrogen on demand for your auto or truck is a remarkable simple technology. There are those that would like to complicate hho injection, but it really is not that difficult
to grasp

If you add HHO to your engine, you will get an increase in combustion efficiency. That is just simple science, and hho gas works as certainly as turning on a light switch. But to get your gains with newer vehicles, you have to compensate for the additional oxygen that will now be detected in the exhaust.
And that is done by modifying the sensor information going to the computer. If you add hho gas and modify your sensors you will get a dramatic increase in fuel mileage and a corresponding decrease in fuel emissions.

Wit our HHO dry cell kits we expect people to get a minimum of 25% increase in MPG, and 30-35% is our expected average.
Some people have reported 50% or more mileage increases.
By proper application of this simple Hydrogen on demand technology, you can get these increases for your vehicle too.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Don't Over Heat Your Hho Dry Cell

Increasing Efficiency Of Your HHO Dry Cell

By adding an acid base, or salt to the hho cell's water supply you will drop the electrical resistance of the water.
With a catalyst in the water,it takes fewer amps of electricity to produce the desired amount of HHO gas, since the ions in the water are able
to move more freely.
Potassium hydroxide (KOH) is a popular catalyst for HHO-producing cells.
It is important to make sure the catalyst you're using isn't highly concentrated, for two reasons.
1) Too much catalyst will draw too many amps and cause over heating.
2) Too much catalyst causes some of the mix to boil into your hho gas mix and could damage your inter cooler.

Keep in mind, a properly designed HHO Dry Cell will not need large doses of electrolyte.
Varying amounts are added to the mixture in order to tune the on board-hydrogen on demand system. We recommend a 20 to 1 mix max.
Heat, and electromagnetic fields are also employed to help break down the water, although this technology is usually used by advanced hho experimenters.

Learn all about HHO Dry Cell

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Hydrogen on Demand - Do You Know What It Can Do For You

HHO Dry Cell And Hydrogen on Demand

Just to let all those that are interested in advancing your knowledge base on hho generators
and hydrogen on demand systems We have decided to spend more time helping those that want further information on hho dry cells and other
hho parts and systems, and less time trying to help those naysayers understand how it does indeed work
most of these guys sound like a broken records.

You Alternator is constantly spinning so the brushes are generating a small field. The A/C that is produced
is a constant in the system regardless.
There is never a time that the alternator is not in use wither being your spark-plugs, fans, radio, lights, pumps...etc
energy is being used so the alternator is compensating.
Like I have said before the A/C is constantly being generated into an isolating D/C current from the magnetic field.
If your regulator turns it off for quite possible a second or two the field is still activated because of motion
and the copper brushing. Try not to fool yourself that you know how it works. Anyway back to the subject of HHO.
It does work...I have seen it work on many gas and diesel cars and trucks and it works on my cars.

If you are serious about Hydrogen on demand visit our hho website. If you still are one of those that claim
Hydrogen on Demand doesn't work you can find lots of proof that it does at and all over the Internet

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We Will Be Using Hydrogen Fuel Cells Soon

Thank You To All Hydrogen on Demand Experimenters

Remember that all the great inventions in this world started, not in magnificent buildings but in small basements, garages and small work shops, by people like you and me and thanks to them we are able to enjoy the life style we are so used to and take for granted.

Who knows, maybe you will be the person that will take our generation and our planet into the next frontier: The Hydrogen Energy revolution.

We want to thank every one of you and wish the best of luck on your Hydrogen on Demand projects, please keep us informed about your HHO generator projects, if you send us pictures and testimonials, we will try to publish them on our Hydrogen on Demand site -, so we all can learn from your experiences.
Thank You Contact Us Any Time HHO 2u Contact

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Folks: here is the link for the Dept of Energy (DOE) ARPA-E funding application.

http://arpa- gov/keydocs/ ARPA-E-FOA. PDF

Happy grant-writing to you all - we can do this!
Unfortunately we will have to get on the next boat now that we know the way the gov is operating on these issues.
Anyone with a working and productive Hydrogen on Demand system should not only continue with their research but take a look at this PDF and get prepared for the next round of grants.
Below are comments from some "big boys" in the HHO generator building industry that wanted to apply for this grant.

That 4-6 week registration process sounds like Catch-22 BS. They didn't even publish the Funding Opportunity Announcement until April 27th, about 5 weeks short of the due date for Concept Papers.
Nice to have this information, though.
We might just have to transform the world without the help of the Dept of Energy. Their loss...
On page 14 is says you must submit a cover sheet a week before the concept deadline that is showing June 2, 2009 on the top page of the grant. Why they hide a secret deadline I dont know.

I emailed the Contracting Officer and he said I was too late because I hadn't gotten a D&B number and website by the May 28 deadline but that I could submit an unsolicited application or wait until the next offer. I think several of us should email him and say, "We are individual researchers without academic credentials who have the solutions you are seeking. We will make these technologies available with or without your help. If you want working technologies quickly, we suggest you find or develop a program or way to work with us, in ways that we can qualify for funding."

We may all be better off without funding from this government for our Hydrogen on demand projects. So far, it looks like a New World Order shell game to me.
Gents, if you think the hidden deadline is a crock there is also a section where the government may take certain liberties with your invention, but you still own it? This is something you really need to study but you can negotiate through it if you are considered.

I waded through this 40 plus page document and got the following out of it: 1) We need to be registered with the feds as a research entity. They will not recognize the application unless we do. It takes a month or more for all the background checks and clearances necessary to gain access to their libraries for technical data on file which is a must; 2) This is a program set up for folks who are already into the Kind of R & D that would be necessary to pull this off. My experience as a Principle Investigator with the RASP program was not recognized or is enough to claim Principle Investigator status. You need to be a doctor of something, like a PhD in engineering or physics.

Look at the money being thrown around, a small portion on Hydrogen on Demand systems would take care of this before their dead lines. This must be a joke
Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy

ARPA-E is part of a broader national energy strategy. The elements of the Administration’s Energy and Environment Agenda ( relevant to this FOA include:
• Reduce GHG emissions: Drive emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050, and ensure 25 percent of our electricity comes from renewable sources by 2025.

• Enhance Energy Security: Save more oil than the U.S. currently imports from the Middle East and Venezuela combined (more than 3.5 million barrels per day) within 10 years.

• Restore Science Leadership: Strengthen America’s role as the world leader in science and technology.

• Quickly Implement the Economic Recovery Package: Create millions of new green jobs and lay the foundation for the future.

Under this FOA, ARPA-E is seeking R&D applications for technologies that, when in wide-spread use, will make substantial, significant, quantitative contributions to these national goals and ARPA-E Mission Areas. In addition, the proposed technology when in use may not have a negative impact on any of the ARPA-E Mission Areas.
Larry- The Original Hydrogen on Demand Site

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Hydrogen on Demand with NEW HHO DRY CELL

We have finally finished testing our awesome HHO Dry Cell and are ready to release these babies to the public.

This is the Best HHO Dry Cell you can buy for the price.

If you are one of our prior customers you know we don't sell junk HHO or Hydrogen on Demand parts.

This hho drycell has gone through some serious testing and generates great hho gas levels without over heating or drawing too many amps.

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Another try by Popular Mechanics to discredit Hydrogen on Demand for your auto or truck

I would suggest that you revise your scientific data concerning Hydrogen on Demand systems in your recent article. HOD is a valid technology, and many patents were issued over the last 20+ years.

Puharich; Henry K. - Method and apparatus for splitting water molecules Patent #4394230 - 1983

Hasebe; Shigeta w/ others - Apparatus for simultaneous generation of oxygen and hydrogen gases Patent # 4747925 - 1988

Meyer; Stanley A. - Method for the production of a fuel gas Patent #4936961 - 1990

Chambers; Stephen Barrie - Method for producing orthohydrogen and/or parahydrogen Patent #6419815 - 2002

And this is just to name a few!

See other HOD patents: Here
Here is a short sample letter to these Bozos for those of you that know Hydrogen on demand does work and want to let them know:

I understand that you are defending the interest of oil companies, but I think you should review your position, because these big boys are not in control anymore.

I'm pretty sure that you know quite well what you are doing, that is, to participate in the cover-up of the oil replacement technologies.

But, remember, there's a new sheriff in town, and he has very special friends to protect him. His name is Obama. He's gonna put and end to this insane energy suppression game, that have cost the life of how many inventors, scientists, not to mention all the Americans and foreign soldiers who died in wars for oil.

This suppression game is over. Contact these guys -- Let us know how you did

> Contact info: http://www.popular mechanics. com/marketing/ contact/

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Win The Battle - Hydrogen on Demand

Hydrogen on Demand
No Need To Wait For Future Water Cars

HHO gas systems ( Oxyhydrogen ) or Supplemental hydrogen systems are rapidly spreading around the world thanks to the "internet age"
HHO gas based car modification can increase mileage between 30% - 50% and at the same time drastically reduce car emissions. Such system's rely on HHO gas to assist combustion. These Hydrogen on Demand systems are becoming very popular and are changing the way we look at fuel consumption, economy of cars, and environmentally friendly car modification.

Rising gasoline and desil fuel prices are a major issue for consumers worldwide as most people rely on their cars and trucks in one way or another to make a living. It has been estimated the average US driver could save in excess of $1000 dollars a year in gasoline cost by using simple HHO based technology.
The use of a supplemental hydrogen on demand system in your vehicle can greatly reduce harmful pollutants and emissions that damage our environment increase the fuel economy, increase horsepower and increase the life of your engine.

How It Works :
Hydrogen on demand or HHO based gas systems work fairly simple. The technology does not interfere or damage your car's engine or computer system. Basically you place a quart size container filled with distilled water and a small amount of baking soda or other electrolytes under the hood of your car. The system is powered by 12 Volts from the vehicles battery and charging system, creates hydrogen gas (HHO) through electrolysis. This gas is then pushed into the engines manifold or carburettor.
This is just the basics, for in depth information on these systems

WHY it works :
A supplemental hydrogen system is just that, supplemental to the use of gasoline in your vehicle. Use of a system is not an attempt to run your vehicle on hydroxy gas exclusively. Instead, it is a way to more efficiently burn the gasoline that you are already using. How? By more fully atomizing the gasoline molecules and burning them as a vapor instead of the larger droplets they would normally be.


There really is no reason to wait for the future "water car" which is a long way off being released to the public. Sure you can buy a hybrid car if you have the money. Why wait any longer when you can start saving money today, increase your car's mileage and help save our environment with the one basic system.

Want to learn more about the revolutionary water4gas system and how you can increase you mileage and save up to thousands of dollars a year? Please Visit: HHO2U - hydrogen on demand
Complete hho dry cell kits for hydrogen on demand systems

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HHO Generator ebook plans SUPPORT


If you’ve purchased an HHO eBook through this site or another site, chances are that you will need a little support in order to optimize your hydrogen on demand system for your particular vehicle. While some people like to go it totally alone, others find comfort and inspiration in community.

That’s why I thought I would present here the top 5 support forums for those either wanting to build or having built HHO generators.

1. OUPower is one of the most technical groups regarding HHO generators. Many have started with an HHO eBook and proceeded to built a better Hydrogen on Demand system and talk about it here.
2. Fuel Saver offers a section of its forum for Brown’s Gas Systems where users share their triumphs and failures regarding building and optimizing their HHO gas generators. Fuel Savers is no doubt the leader in the Hydrogen on demand industry for EFIE devices and has done a lot to help those that are experimenting with hho gas and fuel saving devices.

3. Yahoo Water Car Group is one of the oldest if not the oldest group, which started as a place to talk about Daniel Dingel’s work. This group, however has evolved into a DIY hydrogen on demand group where people share what has worked for them in regard to HHO technology and what has not.
4. HHO Info is a relatively new group but is already very active and is dedicated to those who build HHO generators. This site has the look and feel of one of the Web’s main HHO destinations in the very near future.
5. Water Fueling is a relatively new message board that looks to be less technically oriented than the other forums. One section that some will find particularly useful, however is the Find a Local Installer category for those who want to pay a qualified mechanic to do the dirty work of installing a Hydrogen on demand system.

When one is reading an HHO eBook and then decides to build their first prototype, its good to know that support is just a mouse click away. These are the most helpful HHO communities that I have been able to find online and they have help many garage inventors get over the hump and improve their hydrogen on demand systems immensely.

P.S -- If you have been wondering what happened to the HHOMegaPack - Here it is - Brian Lucas the developer of this awesome one of a kind Super Pack of HHO material has allowed me to be one of the first to offer to you this awesome deal of - 12 different HHO generator Plans, 18 step by step Instruction Videos and 9 Bonus Alternative Energy books when it comes online again.
You will find a Link on this site and the following sites - , -- -- - As soon as Brian makes his hhomegapack available again, which will be any day now. You get instant access to download more ebooks and information than ANY other Water Fuel conversion system.
This is the ONLY HHO plan offering MULTIPLE plans and designs for HHO Generators and HHO Enhancers.
Make sure to Bookmark us and check back.

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Thank You Larry --

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We finally did a HHO plan reveiw for you guys in our last post, and guess what the HHOMEGAPACK links went dead.
After a lot of research we located Brian the owner of hho mega pack and he assured me that the Hydrogen on demand mega pack of HHO plans will be back up. I can't give you any specifics but it looks like about a week and you will be able to get this awesome pack of hho generator plans and Hydrogen on Demand systems. We will be one of the first to get the links to this HHO mega Pack when it goes live so please come back and check.
If you want Many FREE HHO generator plans and a lot of FREE Hydrogen on Demand stuff go to our site HHO2U
and visit our FREE HHO STUFF pages.

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If You have been following our Hydrogen on Demand blogs or our HHO generator building blogs. You know that we are not in the habit of doing a lot of HHO generator "Plan Reviews".
This is because the Internet is jam packed with these HHO generator Plan reviews all telling almost the same thing.
Our main goal when we started promoting Hydrogen on Demand systems, when gasoline was climbing toward $4.00 a gallon, was to help people find some way to cut the cost of their fuel bills. We had done some Experimenting with making HHO gas when we stumbled over Ozzie and Water4gas. After building and applying the Water4gas hydrogen on demand systems to some of our own cars and seeing about 20% increase in our MPG we got deep into studying this awesome technology and wanted to help others save their hard earned money too. Well since then there has been a great boom in the Hydrogen on Demand movement and an endless array of gas saving devices and HHo generators developed. Water4gas is still the best plan for the beginner experimenter because of the loads of learning material and customer support they offer.
Updated -2013 :
Since our main goal of helping people learn about this Hydrogen on Demand technology has not changed and because we believe that the gas price will not stay down for long, we have add apage for experimentor to download free plan at HHO2u - "free hho stuff."

You can also get Diy HHO Dry cell Kits at

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Thank You for Stopping by : Visit our site at for hydrogen on demand parts to build your HHO generators. And complete hhodrycell systems.

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HHO fuel cells use water to boost horsepower and miles per gallon. There are tons of HHO plans available, but which ones are the best?

Some of these plans are just rehashed information and lack any kind of customer support, not to mention they leave out important details of how to put together a complete Hydrogen on Demand system. A hydrogen on Demand system is a lot more than just installing a HHO generator and expecting to get great gains in your miles per gallon of fuel consumption. A PCV Enhancer kit can boost MPG by its self or add to the gains achieved with your HHO generator. A Fuel Heater can gain you even more MPG and is a great addition to your "Hydrogen on Demand system". A hydrogen on demand system is basically the HHO generator AND components to go along with the HHO generator to best implement the use of the HHO gas.
The best designs pull the least amount of power are inexpensive to make and give you the most miles per gallon. There are a lot more complicated Hydrogen on Demand systems, we will go deeper in to this subject later, but for now do some research on complete hydrogen on demand systems.
So how do you find them? Go to our site for more info and if you wish pick up a lot of FREE HHO Stuff.
For the most complete Hydrogen on Demand Plans on the Internet check this out:

addthis_pub = 'ccandm';

Monday, February 9, 2009


Can Water Really Be Used To Run A Car?

This technology was originally discovered by Nicola Tesla who found out that hydrogen can be extracted from water to produce energy. However this discovery was never publicized due to political pressure. Some countries today rely on oil sales as their only national income source thus many countries will be heavily affected if everyone started running their cars on water.

How Can I Run A Car On Water?
It is really not that hard to build or install a well working Hydrogen on Demand system, you just need to do your research and get passed all those that will tell you it can't be done. They are wrong!!
Despite the successful modifications of cars by many people there are still many others who are skeptical of the idea. However I know that this concept does indeed work because I have successfully converted many cars to "run on water" by adding Hydrogen on Demand systems, some simple and some more complex.
Water can be easily converted into oxyhydrogen with electrolysis. The oxyhydrogen that you get in the end is able to give your car additional energy and increase its mileage.

The "Hydrogen on Demand" System
Thousands of people have already turned their cars into Hydrogen Hybrids today with hydrogen on demand systems instead of buying new hybrid cars. You can start experiencing the benefits of Hydrogen on Demand for only $100 whereas a hybrid car may costs up to $30000 and this explains why many people are using this Hydroxy gas. After you check out the benefit from a small $100 hho system you can add on to your Hydrogen on demand system until you reach whatever goal you set for your MPG gains.
On top of that it is also cleaner and better for the environment to use a Hydrogen on Demand system instead of running your car fully on gasoline. It has proven beyond any doubt to reduce your emissions and that is a step to help lessen global warming.
We are not going to try to convince you that a starter HHO generator kit , and the parts to install a $100 hydrogen on demand system will cut your gas bills in half because that is simply not the truth. Many who are trying to get you to buy their Hydrogen on Demand systems or their DIY hho generator building guides will stretch the truth to make a sale.
We can however guarantee that if you install properly our "2"- HHO generator, Hydrogen on demand system and properly deal with your O2 sensor that you will see significant gains in your MPG and your exhaust emission will clean up greatly.

Make your own hybrid car for under $100 - You have probably seen this $100.00 offer all over the Internet. Well these guys are trying to sell you just a DIY Hydrogen Generator Plan book.

We want to help you to start enjoying the benefits of Hydrogen on demand for that $100.00. So here is what we are willing to do for you. We put together a package where you get our Ebook - HHO2U - Build Your own Hydrogen on Demand System and 2-HHO generators with complete install package to convert your car or truck into a Hydrogen on demand Hybrid. You can find this hydrogen on demand system HERE.

Very easy to follow STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS and fully illustrated diagrams can be found in our Ebook - HHO2U - Build Your Own Hydrogen on Demand System. You can get a copy of this Hydrogen on demand DIY guide HERE

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We are not trying to push our Diy Hydrogen on Demand Ebook on you for any other reason than to help get you started on your Hydrogen on Demand projects. It is however the most complete Water4Gas type HHO gnerator building guide around for only $7.00.
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

EFIEs DO I NEED ONE with HHO Dry Cell Kits



Most individuals on the Internet that sell efies or Affiliates for those that sell EFIE devices do not tell you that you may not need this electronic fuel injection enhancer with your Hydrogen on demand system.
I happen to be An affiliate marketer for Fuel Savers which is the most reliable and respected seller of EFIE devices on the Internet. I started with Fuel Savers back when they had just two EFIE devices to offer and they were the best built efies back then. Now they have a whole array of electronics to enhance your mileage gains when you install HHO (hydroxy) gas to supplement your gas or diesel fuel.
They had the best quality efie devices on the market back then and they still do.
However if you are on a tight budget, or you are like 98% of those installing a hydrogen on demand system for the first time, then you are skeptical as to whether it actually works to save fuel or not.
We recommend that you start with a simple o2 extender on your oxygen sensor(s) when first installing your hydrogen on demand devices. This usually is enough to "trick" the o2 sensor to lean out the fuel mix without adding any electronics. And with vehicles 1996 and older it's all you will ever need, as long as you add the correct hydrogen on demand system.
And if you're really cheap just wrap the sensor with 5-10 wraps of aluminum foil as described by Ozzie water4gas.
After you have run your new hydrogen on demand system with this little Free hho trick you just learned and it has proven to save you fuel go to our ..... next blog.

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The truth about EFIE part #2
If you missed the first part of this blog -- It was last entry before this one.

Fuel saver link on this blog or any HHO2U article that has our link and purchase your EFIE. Better yet; bookmark our site - and go check it out, view a few ads, fill out a form or two, spread the word and have all your friends stop by too.
Now you are probably thinking - If my Hydrogen on demand system is saving me money with just aluminum foil wrapped around the o2 sensor, why do I need this efie device?
Because you want to save more money. Although you could probably run forever with just the simple o2 extender and your hydrogen on demand system and save lots of money the EFIE devices are adjustable, therefore allowing you to "fine tune" your system for maximum gains which means saving more money.
Why use our link to buy your EFIE? Because it wont cost you any more than if you went directly to Fuel Saver site and in some cases you will save money off the list price by buying from our links, plus we make a few dollars so we can keep bringing you FREE hydrogen on demand Tips.
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As a devoted advocate, experimenter and seller of hydrogen on demand systems, we
also run the hho generators EFIE devices and fuel saving systems on our own vehicles. Before we offer anything for sale on our hydrogen on demand website, we want to make sure it will perform as described.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1970's HHO - Hydrogen on Demand

No doubt they Know :

In writing this article I don't' want anyone to get the wrong idea about me. I am not a total conspiracy nut, and I am grateful to be in a country where I can express my thoughts (to a certain extent) without the "men in black" knocking on my door.
But I do think it is about time people wake up and get tired of being lied to by the ones they elect into high offices to help and protect them. Even if you don't need to save lots of money by installing a Hydroxy (HHO) Generator on your gas or diesel vehicle you should think about the proven benefits that these Hydrogen on demand type systems have on decreasing the harmful emissions that your vehicles produce. It is no accident that your car or truck is not designed to produces way less pollution than it does, because most of the Hydroxy devices that can easily be installed also cut down on fuel consumption.

Here is a patent that has citations listed in which clearly shows that big oil and car makers have known since the 1970's how to give cars better fuel economy and reduce emissions. Not trying to knock this inventor, but this is rather a crude device compared to what has been developed since the 70's and still today the car industries are not using as standard any hydrogen on demand boosters or hydroxy hybrid units. 1970 patent, think for yourself people, that's 30 years to give the government a chance to act.

This smoking gun document was Published by: Soc. Auto. Engrs.,New York SAE Meeting; 12-16 Aug 1974; SAE Preprint 740600. "On-board hydrogen generator for a partial hydrogen injection internal combustion engine" This Shows they have known how to make hydroxy boosters and have been aware of its benefits.

080109 -- Hydrogen-- Production-- Partial Oxidation Processes ;080600 -- Hydrogen-- Industrial & Commercial Use-- (-1989); ;HYDROGEN GENERATORS-- PARTIAL OXIDATION PROCESSES;INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES-- HYDROGEN FUELS; AIR POLLUTION;AUTOMOBILES;GASOLINE

There are over 200 fuel reforming patents owned buy oil companies, auto makers, high tech companies and individuals. Many of the patents include the data from testing fully developed and proven systems. You judge for your self why they have not implemented any simple hydrogen on demand type device. These Hydroxy generators are simple to make and all over the Internet.
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009



I spoke to Tom and his wife Brianne from Punch HHO back in July after doing a little research on their Punch HHO generators. Tom didn't mind me grilling him with Questions about his Hydrogen on Demand systems and their company's success. I had become an affiliate partner and was promoting his product so I wanted to learn all there was to know about their Punch HHO hydrogen generators.

At that time Tom and Brianne had been selling their hho kits for about 4 months and had sold H U N D R E D S of them. Tom had bought the Water4Gas books about 2 months prior to our conversation in July, and six months later had more orders for his own modified hydrogen on demand kit than he could keep up with.

Tom said "We bought the water4gas books and learned all about hydrogen on demand and other fuel saving devices. We put the hho units in our cars and got excellent results of about 8 -10 mpg gain in both test vehicles and that got us really excited". So he started looking around at HHO cells and other Hydrogen on Demand systems and noticed that people were selling some of the "most ridiculous things I've ever seen".

Tom decided "I can do better than that", so he invested every thing he had setting up his shop and buying tools and parts. Before releasing the Punch hho generators Tom checked out some of the other hho products that were on the market at the time. Most of them were making claims of unheard of hho gas production he knew to be untrue as he conducted his own hho experimentation until he had a hho unit he was confident in to release to the public.

I just spoke with Tom and Brianne Yesterday after getting an email from them, as did all of their hho affiliate marketers.
Tom said "We Didn't See It Coming Larry, we have an eighteen wheeler packed full of our Punch HHO generators and hho products sitting out side and we need to move these product so I can get back my investment".

What does that mean to you ?
Well only the best one of a kind, one time, exclusive, HHO system deal on the Internet or anywhere else for that matter. We are not talking about some In-known untested hho generator you buy off ebay. We're talking about the well known and trusted Punch hho.

I am trying to keep this short so you don't get bored and leave (big mistake on your part if you do)

HERE IT IS : Tom and brianne have allowed me to make this one of a kind offer to anyone buying their Punch hho units through my link. This is exclusive to and you will not find this offer anywhere else.
On top of a Huge discount off the regular prices of the Punch 1.0 and the Punch 2.0 we were able to get you a $75.00 bubbler FREE.
If you go directly to their site ; you will see the low prices every one else pays.
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Thursday, January 1, 2009



HHO generators are the main component for "Hydrogen on Demand Systems for your auto and truck", they work by converting H2O (water) into Hydrogen and Oxygen (HHO)
The liquid h20 is split apart into two gases, hydrogen and oxygen It is a process known as electrolysis.DC from your car battery is used to separate the hydrogen and oxygen in water into what is known as their sub-diatomic molecular state. An electrolyte is added to the water to enhance the process NaHCo3 Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) is the safest electrolyte for the average HHO generator. There are other chemicals that will produce more HHO GAS but they are harder to manage. We will get into this subject in another Post.

The HHO gases produced in there sub-diatomical (split apart) state are then drawn into the engine by vacuum and mixed with gasoline or diesel and ignited by spark from the ignition.
This mixture of hydrogen and oxygen from your HHO generator and gasoline or diesel fuel results in better fuel economy because the burning process of your fuel is greatly enhanced by the HHO gases. After the explosion created in the cylinders the HHO gas will then convert back into hot steam which is then forced out during the exhaust stroke and out of the tail pipe.
The whole process begins and ends with H20.

The HHO system, which consist of a HHO generator, vacuum lines and in most cases simple electrical connections can be easily assembled and installed. The Water4Gas type HHO Generator/Hydrogen on Demand systems are the simplest DIY hho generators and install systems.

Wither you buy a HHO device pre built or assemble your own HHO Generator, you should test it by simply temporarily connecting to a battery to ensure it produces HHO gas, this is one good reason to build your HHO generators with a clear container, so you can see whats going on inside and make adjustments to the air in put to achive maximum HHO GAS volume from your hho generator before and after connecting it to your engine.

To learn more about HHO Generators, And get free HHO generator plans go to