Tuesday, September 15, 2009

HHO Dry Cell Kits for Hydrogen on Demand

Hydrogen Burns Clean

Clean Up the Air With Hydrogen on Demand

The auto makers have done every thing they can for years to cover up the fact that TODAY, Right Now, we could be burning the fuel that is created by simple electrolysis of water (h2o). Applying small amounts of electrical current to water splits the molecules of the water into what some call their sub diatomical molecular state. In other words back to a gaseous state. This gas is called HHO gas (2 parts Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen) and is highly explosive.

By adding HHO gas to your fuel with a Hydrogen on Demand system built with a COMPLETE HHO DRYCELL SYSTEMSyou can drastically reduce the amount of fuel you use. And as the government and auto makers have known since the 1970s you can greatly decrease the harmful pollutants emitted by your vehicle.READ MORE about hydrogen on demand HERE
I hope this hho information helps. Thank You For Coming By.
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Hydrogen on Demand and Hho Dry Cell Shopping

Hi all in the Hydrogen on demand experimentation phase. This is going to be a short and sweet post. My computer is running very slow while virus scan is going.
Basically I want to let you know if you are just learning this hho stuff, we will help you learn the Truth about Hydrogen generators and Hydrogen on Demand systems.
There are a lot of sites peddling hho dry cells and hho dry cell kits, go with someone who post a phone number so you can check them out before you hand over your money.
The fastest easiest hho generator to start with is no doubt theHHO DRY CELL.
HHO dry cells are cheap and put out good amounts of hho gas for the price.
See Ya next time.
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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Oops HHO Dry Cell Kit & Antelope Valley Auto

Sorry HHO experimenters and Hydrogen on demand nuts. Last post the link to the Dual hho dry cell kit was supposed to point to this page - which is the hho product page on hho2u's site

Did anyone get a chance to look at Antelope valley's future best Automotive site ? Let know what you think about antelope valley auto.com

Thanks - Larry

New Dual Cell HHO Dry Cell Kit & Antelope Valley Auto

Hey all you Hydrogen on Demand nuts, how ya'll doin.
Thought i would write a Quickie to let ya know we put together an awesome Dual 11 - plate dry cell kit for ya. This hho dry cell kit puts out the hho gas big time.
Take a look at this cool Dual hho dry cell kit at HHO2U.com.

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