Monday, June 7, 2010

I never would have thought that hydrogen on demand would take off like this.
It is just awesome we have been able to help so many with our hho dry cell systems.
Here is another great testimonial from a gentleman that had bought a hho system from a guy on ebay selling these "dual 9 plate kits". After hooking it up he had problems with the amps jumping around, the dry cell over heating and more. Not being able to get a hold of the crook that sold him this kit, he called hho2u for help.
Long story short we already knew the scenario - we have replaced a bunch of these dry cells for people - the design is flawed and does not work but the dude keeps selling them as is.
Anyway we sent the guy two of our 11 plate hho dry cells (best hho dry cell design out there)
and he installed them and went on a 1300 mile journey - gaining about 3 -4 miles to the gallon.
See the testimonial at hho dry cell - hydrogen on demand.