Sunday, January 25, 2009

EFIEs DO I NEED ONE with HHO Dry Cell Kits



Most individuals on the Internet that sell efies or Affiliates for those that sell EFIE devices do not tell you that you may not need this electronic fuel injection enhancer with your Hydrogen on demand system.
I happen to be An affiliate marketer for Fuel Savers which is the most reliable and respected seller of EFIE devices on the Internet. I started with Fuel Savers back when they had just two EFIE devices to offer and they were the best built efies back then. Now they have a whole array of electronics to enhance your mileage gains when you install HHO (hydroxy) gas to supplement your gas or diesel fuel.
They had the best quality efie devices on the market back then and they still do.
However if you are on a tight budget, or you are like 98% of those installing a hydrogen on demand system for the first time, then you are skeptical as to whether it actually works to save fuel or not.
We recommend that you start with a simple o2 extender on your oxygen sensor(s) when first installing your hydrogen on demand devices. This usually is enough to "trick" the o2 sensor to lean out the fuel mix without adding any electronics. And with vehicles 1996 and older it's all you will ever need, as long as you add the correct hydrogen on demand system.
And if you're really cheap just wrap the sensor with 5-10 wraps of aluminum foil as described by Ozzie water4gas.
After you have run your new hydrogen on demand system with this little Free hho trick you just learned and it has proven to save you fuel go to our ..... next blog.

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The truth about EFIE part #2
If you missed the first part of this blog -- It was last entry before this one.

Fuel saver link on this blog or any HHO2U article that has our link and purchase your EFIE. Better yet; bookmark our site - and go check it out, view a few ads, fill out a form or two, spread the word and have all your friends stop by too.
Now you are probably thinking - If my Hydrogen on demand system is saving me money with just aluminum foil wrapped around the o2 sensor, why do I need this efie device?
Because you want to save more money. Although you could probably run forever with just the simple o2 extender and your hydrogen on demand system and save lots of money the EFIE devices are adjustable, therefore allowing you to "fine tune" your system for maximum gains which means saving more money.
Why use our link to buy your EFIE? Because it wont cost you any more than if you went directly to Fuel Saver site and in some cases you will save money off the list price by buying from our links, plus we make a few dollars so we can keep bringing you FREE hydrogen on demand Tips.
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As a devoted advocate, experimenter and seller of hydrogen on demand systems, we
also run the hho generators EFIE devices and fuel saving systems on our own vehicles. Before we offer anything for sale on our hydrogen on demand website, we want to make sure it will perform as described.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1970's HHO - Hydrogen on Demand

No doubt they Know :

In writing this article I don't' want anyone to get the wrong idea about me. I am not a total conspiracy nut, and I am grateful to be in a country where I can express my thoughts (to a certain extent) without the "men in black" knocking on my door.
But I do think it is about time people wake up and get tired of being lied to by the ones they elect into high offices to help and protect them. Even if you don't need to save lots of money by installing a Hydroxy (HHO) Generator on your gas or diesel vehicle you should think about the proven benefits that these Hydrogen on demand type systems have on decreasing the harmful emissions that your vehicles produce. It is no accident that your car or truck is not designed to produces way less pollution than it does, because most of the Hydroxy devices that can easily be installed also cut down on fuel consumption.

Here is a patent that has citations listed in which clearly shows that big oil and car makers have known since the 1970's how to give cars better fuel economy and reduce emissions. Not trying to knock this inventor, but this is rather a crude device compared to what has been developed since the 70's and still today the car industries are not using as standard any hydrogen on demand boosters or hydroxy hybrid units. 1970 patent, think for yourself people, that's 30 years to give the government a chance to act.

This smoking gun document was Published by: Soc. Auto. Engrs.,New York SAE Meeting; 12-16 Aug 1974; SAE Preprint 740600. "On-board hydrogen generator for a partial hydrogen injection internal combustion engine" This Shows they have known how to make hydroxy boosters and have been aware of its benefits.

080109 -- Hydrogen-- Production-- Partial Oxidation Processes ;080600 -- Hydrogen-- Industrial & Commercial Use-- (-1989); ;HYDROGEN GENERATORS-- PARTIAL OXIDATION PROCESSES;INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES-- HYDROGEN FUELS; AIR POLLUTION;AUTOMOBILES;GASOLINE

There are over 200 fuel reforming patents owned buy oil companies, auto makers, high tech companies and individuals. Many of the patents include the data from testing fully developed and proven systems. You judge for your self why they have not implemented any simple hydrogen on demand type device. These Hydroxy generators are simple to make and all over the Internet.
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I spoke to Tom and his wife Brianne from Punch HHO back in July after doing a little research on their Punch HHO generators. Tom didn't mind me grilling him with Questions about his Hydrogen on Demand systems and their company's success. I had become an affiliate partner and was promoting his product so I wanted to learn all there was to know about their Punch HHO hydrogen generators.

At that time Tom and Brianne had been selling their hho kits for about 4 months and had sold H U N D R E D S of them. Tom had bought the Water4Gas books about 2 months prior to our conversation in July, and six months later had more orders for his own modified hydrogen on demand kit than he could keep up with.

Tom said "We bought the water4gas books and learned all about hydrogen on demand and other fuel saving devices. We put the hho units in our cars and got excellent results of about 8 -10 mpg gain in both test vehicles and that got us really excited". So he started looking around at HHO cells and other Hydrogen on Demand systems and noticed that people were selling some of the "most ridiculous things I've ever seen".

Tom decided "I can do better than that", so he invested every thing he had setting up his shop and buying tools and parts. Before releasing the Punch hho generators Tom checked out some of the other hho products that were on the market at the time. Most of them were making claims of unheard of hho gas production he knew to be untrue as he conducted his own hho experimentation until he had a hho unit he was confident in to release to the public.

I just spoke with Tom and Brianne Yesterday after getting an email from them, as did all of their hho affiliate marketers.
Tom said "We Didn't See It Coming Larry, we have an eighteen wheeler packed full of our Punch HHO generators and hho products sitting out side and we need to move these product so I can get back my investment".

What does that mean to you ?
Well only the best one of a kind, one time, exclusive, HHO system deal on the Internet or anywhere else for that matter. We are not talking about some In-known untested hho generator you buy off ebay. We're talking about the well known and trusted Punch hho.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009



HHO generators are the main component for "Hydrogen on Demand Systems for your auto and truck", they work by converting H2O (water) into Hydrogen and Oxygen (HHO)
The liquid h20 is split apart into two gases, hydrogen and oxygen It is a process known as electrolysis.DC from your car battery is used to separate the hydrogen and oxygen in water into what is known as their sub-diatomic molecular state. An electrolyte is added to the water to enhance the process NaHCo3 Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) is the safest electrolyte for the average HHO generator. There are other chemicals that will produce more HHO GAS but they are harder to manage. We will get into this subject in another Post.

The HHO gases produced in there sub-diatomical (split apart) state are then drawn into the engine by vacuum and mixed with gasoline or diesel and ignited by spark from the ignition.
This mixture of hydrogen and oxygen from your HHO generator and gasoline or diesel fuel results in better fuel economy because the burning process of your fuel is greatly enhanced by the HHO gases. After the explosion created in the cylinders the HHO gas will then convert back into hot steam which is then forced out during the exhaust stroke and out of the tail pipe.
The whole process begins and ends with H20.

The HHO system, which consist of a HHO generator, vacuum lines and in most cases simple electrical connections can be easily assembled and installed. The Water4Gas type HHO Generator/Hydrogen on Demand systems are the simplest DIY hho generators and install systems.

Wither you buy a HHO device pre built or assemble your own HHO Generator, you should test it by simply temporarily connecting to a battery to ensure it produces HHO gas, this is one good reason to build your HHO generators with a clear container, so you can see whats going on inside and make adjustments to the air in put to achive maximum HHO GAS volume from your hho generator before and after connecting it to your engine.

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