Sunday, August 15, 2010

HHO Generators and Your Money

Hey folks I haven't Posted in a while, been busy experimenting with an hho generator design that will save big rig drivers huge money EVERY install.
Please everyone open your eyes to what the "oil barons" are pulling right now (9/15/10). The price of gasoline has gone up 12 cents a gallon in 3 weeks, NO Reason for this. More people need to implement the simple technology of Hydrogen on demand on their cars and trucks.
I dont know what more we can do, we have set up the best hho dry cells and hho dry cell kits at the lowest possible prices.
Why do people wait until the gas prices take them to their knees to install a device that works on a percentage bases. No matter what you pay for fuel, if you can save 10 or 20% it is still money in your pocket.
European hho interest has become more popular lately for good reason .. $7.50 a gallon dont waite for that here in USA before you install Hydrogen on Demand on your car.

Best HHO Generators