Sunday, January 3, 2010

HHO Generator DIY Scam Books _ Find Truth About HHO Dry Cells

Stop The BS about HHO gas Systems

Find out About The Best HHO Generators

Below is a clip from one of those guys trying to sell another "How To" Guide supposedly on building a hydrogen on demand system. I cut the actual company name to cover my butt.
Reading this CRAP ad I can see why people are so skeptical about legitimate hho fuel systems like the complete HHO Dry Cell Kit and other hho generator systems that do what they say they do.(cut fuel consumption and clean up emissions)

Discover How To Quickly, And Easily Convert
Your Gas Or Diesel Vehicle To Run With Water
And Gas And Start Laughing At High Gas Prices.

While 100% water-run cars are still in development, the -*-*- System is the safest,
easiest, and best resulting guide to convert your car, truck, or motorbike to run on water and gas today.
-*-*- With Water works on 99.9% of vehicles including hybrids, diesel, gas, and petrol. Your vehicle warranty is preserved and you can add or remove the system in minutes. This system is SAFE for your vehicle and requires no engine modifications.

Based on thousands of tests, the =*=*= system is the least expensive system to build, safest for your vehicle, consumes the least power, and results in up to 3 times the gas savings than older systems based on plates or spiral cables. It even works in freezing weather.

With the =*-*=- System your vehicle will have increased fuel efficiency, smoother drive, and protect the environment. Using this technology, a florist in Florida reported that he is averaging 65 MPG (an increase of 213%) in his delivery trucks and we are now averaging 85.3 MPG in our 2 vehicles, an increase of 115%.

Explore more about the REAL DEAL HHO Generator: hho generator |HOW HHO WORKS | hho dry cell design

HHO Generators and Electrolyte Mix For Your Dry cell

What is the best Electrolyte to use in my HHO Dry Cell ?

There are many different electrolytes that CAN work in an electrolysis process, but does that mean they are suitable? NO.
Some common ones considered for hho fuel making application include:
KOH- Potassium Hydroxide- Used in soap making -- Best For hho gas production in HHO Dry Cell Design.
NaOH- Sodium Hydroxide- Lye- Used to open drains!
NaCI- Sodium chloride- Table Salt- Raises blood pressure – DO NOT USE!
NaHCO- Baking Soda- Makes bubbles and poisonous gas– DO NOT USE!
H2SO4- Sulfuric acid- Car battery acid- Makes bad gases and burns! – DO NOT USE!
Vinegar ( 5 to 10% solution of acetic acid ) – DO NOT USE!
Sodium sulfate - DO NOT USE!

We have written two extensive Hubs on the Best Catalyst (electrolyte) to use in your HHO dry cell or other hho generator.
For further information on HHO and electrolyte go read these awesome Hubs. -- Part #1
-- part #2

Friday, January 1, 2010

HHO Gas "water Fuel Car" Helping With Clean Air

Why would we not add a device to our car that will clean up our air. That and the fact that we are enslaved by the petroleum industry and they tighten the noose every day. Fuel prices are forcing us to alter our habits. No we are not free to move about the country, we cant afford to and still eat.

Installation of HHO, "water fuel kits", and ethanol conversions, diesels running on vegetable oil, these are our only weapons against the tyranny of world governments and the deterioration of our god given rights as human beings.

It will take many many years for enough new clean vehicles to be produced to make a dent in the problem. We can take action now, there are billions of engine out there, that is where change begins, one dirty running engine at a time. Every single person in every community is affected by this, and we can all participate in the alternative fuel revolution.

Learn more about HHO Generators.