Wednesday, December 23, 2009

HHO Generators - Can we Make HHO Gas Efficiently ?

Hydrogen + Oxygen = Water

Hydrogen + Hydrogen + Oxygen = HHO

I originally wrote and published this HHO GAS article on Hub pages, 6 views in just minutes and then some cry baby that felt threatened flagged me for having links back to my website. Excuse me for wanting people to see what I have to offer on my site and not letting HUB monetize my articles all for them selves.

OK here it is. This is a rather long and detailed article aimed at the self proclaimed scientific group that is trying to talk people out of using HHO generators or Hydrogen on Demand system.
I try to keep my HHO articles short and to the point so you can read the rest of this article on "Water in a sub-diatomical" state in the "technical stuff" section of our Hydrogen on demand website - or wait for my next post.
Water is made from hydrogen and oxygen That's something that most people on the planet already know, but this simple statement doesn't give us a very clear picture of what really goes into the creation of a molecule of water. The chemical equation for the formation of water tells us more. 2H2 + O2 = 2H2O

Water if formed when two molecules of the diatomic hydrogen gas, combined with one molecule of the diatomic oxygen gas this produce two molecules of water. This process is known as Synthesis.

The ratio of hydrogen to oxygen is 2:1, the ratio of hydrogen to water is 1:1, and the ratio of oxygen to water is 1:2. This is why the promoters of HHO products will use the term HHO is water broke down into its sub-diatomical molecular state. When electrical current is applied to water (2H2 + O2 = 2H2O) the two diatomic gases are broke apart, (Decomposed) and you now have ... 2H & 0 .. separate diatomical gases.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Proper Koh for HHO Dry Cell - Max HHO Gas

We have always told people when starting up their HHO Dry Cells or other HHO generators to start with apx. 2-3 tbsp. of KOH
per 2 Quart container and add as needed to bring up amps.
This is a weak solution for start up only.

At we get asked a lot How do I "get the right mix" ??

So Here It Is:

10% to 20% KOH concentration (by weight) is so far reported and understood to be the optimum.
We run about a 20% solution in our 11 plate HHO dry cells at 15 amps warm and get 1- 1.5 LPM of HHO gas.

Water having a density of 1 gm/ml (gm and ml are equal)

KOH weighs 11 grams per heaping teaspoon. = ( 33 gms per Tbsp)

1 quart (qt) water = 946.35 grams

To make 1 Kg of a 20% KOH solution by weight, add 200 grams of KOH to 800 gm of water. To make 1 Kg of a 10% KOH solution by weight, add 100 grams of KOH to 900 gm of water.

The total weight is always 1,000 grams containing whatever percentage of KOH that is wanted.

So without turning this into a science. -- 10% mix is APX. 3 tbsp. of KOH to 1 Quart of water.

I hope this helps answer the question of how much KOH to mix for your HHO Dry Cell.
Remember each HHO generator, wither a drycell design or wet cell operates differently, so start with a weak solution and build up.

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