Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hydrogen on Demand in Europe

HHO Generators (hho dry cell kits) Taking Off In Europe

I can't understand why it took so long for European hho installers to catch up to the USA but none the less Europe hho generators are becoming quite popular. There gas (petrol) is 3 times what we pay in the states, therefore their savings are greater.
Let me explain - All Hydrogen on demand systems work on a percentage basis, so if you save 30% of your fuel by adding hho gas to your car - the more you pay for fuel the more you save.

Trying not to get side tracked - is leading the way for hho in Europe.
Many of their famous hho dry cell kits are being installed all over the world with good results coming from test in Netherlands, Greece, France and worldwide.

Check out some of these European hho Testimonials.
If you are thinking of installing an hho generator on your car or want to be part of a worldwide hhodry cell distributorship will help you any way they can. Wholesale hho generators


nilam jani said...

hi friends HHO KIT supplies variations of HHO to the carburetor which burn four or five times better than gas.

Hans Peter Grote said...

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